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Here you will find a list of my Partner & Affiliate Links in the Wellbeing World

Peoples Health Alliance PHA Links

Steve Pavis

Solaris Sound Healing

Contact Marie direct to place your order for doTERRA products

Affiliate Partner Links 
WSU (V4) Orynoco Pods

Mad Diet
A High quality range of micronutrients to support mental health, metabolism, and immune function.

Rowland Earthing
Organic Earthing Sheets

Affiliate Disclaimer: 
Please be aware of the following:
a.  As an affiliate member of Orynoco,  Mad Diet & Rowland Earthing, I have access to some of the best wellness products available and I AM passionate about sharing them with you. My commitment is to recommend only the products that I believe are truly exceptional.
As a valued affiliate partner, I AM pleased to offer my clients unique access to quality products. 
b.  Should you purchase any of their products by following this link, I will receive financial compensation for the referral. 


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