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WSU (V4)

Discover the transformative power of Meraki Soul Essence Wellbeing.

My sessions are designed to help you achieve balance, harmony, and inner peace.

Whether you're seeking emotional healing, spiritual guidance, or energy alignment,

I AM here to support you on your journey.





The WSU (V4) contains a collection of Transition State Elements (TSE) which is specifically engineered for accessing all levels of information including your soul.  

The sessions become a more personal experience in our view because they are tailored to you as an individual via your soul.  

The rebalancing of your individual being is done by accessing what you actually need first.  

This may not be what you think and believe you need.  This individually soul-tailored interaction results in a perfect experience regardless of whether you are just beginning on your spiritual journey and path or you are already advanced.  

Your access to this pure Life Force Energy is directed by your own soul-level higher intelligence.  

It therefore has access to all the universal information fields that your biofield could ever need in order to self-rejuvenate. This results in a soul re-union style of dynamic interaction...  ORYNOCO

Learn more here at the Orynoco Site

Your session will include the use of Binaural Beats through headphones and a warmed Lavender Eye Pillow to help block out external noises so that you can fully immerse in the Pod experience. 

You can also incorporate a Pod Session into any other of my treatments. 

Complimentary Pod Session 30mins

£25.00 per 30 Mins

(Add on to complimentary session)

£45.00 Per 60 Mins

£65.00 per 90 Mins

Book Online Via Fresha App
or contact me direct

Please note for the 30 min complimentary session, you will need to contact me direct.
Tel: 07990 550 352 


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