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My partnership with the Orynoco Team means that I can offer you a cutting edge Quantum experience that will help you comprehensively restore balance to your body and being… it thereby supports states of wholeness and the expansion of your consciousness.

' A truly Unique Experience'


CORE PRINCIPLES: Each WSU V4 tower emits highly dynamic flowing gravitational magnetic fields. Similar to a living organism, they are fluid, flexible, self-adjusting and intelligent. These fields open a space or portal within your field making it easier for you to access a pure form of the Life Force Energy potentials which are ubiquitous in the universe. A stronger field of resonance with this Source energy helps your body and being to harmonise and rebalance as you connect more deeply with your inner truth, homeostasis and divine wisdom. Your system has the opportunity to make any necessary adjustments caused by stress that could eventually lead to poor health, low states of energy and a variety of other physical, mental and emotional conditions. When you’re having sessions in the unit it supports your state of well-being and promotes a conscious understanding.

HOW IT WORKS: The WSU V4 contains a collection of Transition State Elements (TSE) which is specifically engineered for accessing all levels of information including your soul. The sessions become a more personal experience in our view because they are tailored to you as an individual via your soul. The rebalancing of your individual being is done by accessing what you actually need first. This may not be what you think and believe you need. This individually soul-tailored interaction results in a perfect experience regardless of whether you are just beginning on your spiritual journey and path, or you are already advanced.  Your access to this pure Life Force Energy is directed by your own soul-level higher intelligence. It therefore has access to all the universal information fields that your bio-field could ever need in order to self-rejuvenate. This results in a soul re-union style of dynamic interaction.

YOUR INTERACTION WITH THE FIELDS: Your soul is really in charge here. However, your conscious being is part of your soul. As such your participation with the fields via an intention that is qualified as being for the ‘best good of all’ is extremely important.

Why? It creates a far higher degree of integration between your body, mind and soul. 

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WSU (V4)

WSU (V4)



TSE Body Cream

TSE Body Cream



Quantum Loops

Quantum Loops

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Please be aware of the following:
a.  As an affiliate member of Orynoco, I have access to some of the best wellness products available and I AM passionate about sharing them with you. My commitment is to recommend only the products that I believe are truly exceptional.
As a valued affiliate partner, I AM pleased to offer my clients unique access to quality products. 
b.  Should you purchase any of their products by following this link, I will receive financial compensation for the referral. 

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Wholeness Support Unit (V4) Testimonial

I had the most wonderful experience with Marie. I had the Wholeness support unit V4 treatment.

Marie welcomed me into her home, made me feel at ease and totally comfortable. The room smelt of sent and there was relaxing meditation music playing. Marie was present throughout the session and in her words, which, I thought was beautifully put “I will be here holding the space for you”.

I was settled into an exceptionally comfortable chair with blankets under my legs and over me.

To be honest you could have just left me there for the time and I would have been happy without the Wholeness support. However as Marie explained after the treatment was finished, each experience is individual so I will not dwell on the details of mine to much except to day that it was amazing. I heald an intention, which, was more specific but connected and so very important was thought that it might help me sleep.

And I can honestly say that it has and I am sure will continue to do so with further sessions. I also believe that’s there will be further benefits and more positive shifts, which, I look forward to.

This was an entirely successful experience and one I will add to my self care routine.

Thank you again Marie and I will see you again soon!

Carol - DEVON

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