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My name is Marie Johnson ITEC VTCT MAR and I am a Holistic Practitioner & Teacher Trainer with a love and background in many aspects of Reflexology, Holistic Massage & Soul Healing.

Meraki (pronounced may-rah-key) is derived from the Greek language and literally means the 'essence of yourself.' 

It has a translation that transcends many languages and cultures and represents a concept that is deep and powerful ~

It is quite simply, doing something with Creativity, Passion and Love.


I have been fortunate to train with some of the best teachers in the UK such as Sally Earlam of Sally Earlam Reflexology in London, Jan Williamson from the School of Precision Reflexology in Devon, Heidi Armstrong from the Complimentary Therapy College in Bath, Exeter College & Devon Academy, Exeter.

For Massage, I trained with The London School of Massage, East Devon College in Tiverton, Exeter College & Devon Academy, Exeter.  

My Shamanic Training on the earth plane began in 2017 with Sue from Spiritunleashed where I received the Munay Ki Rites and more recently in 2021-2022, Shamanic Practitioner Training with Stacey Keast. 

Soul Alchemy Training - Working in the Akashic Records new for 2022 is with Mia Renner 

SCHH Training (Hypnosis & Past Life Regression) new for 2022 was with Laura Whitworth

Cacaoista Training with Plant Spirit Medicine Woman

New for 2023

TCM Pregnancy Reflexology (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Limbic Reflexology (Training)

Wholeness Support Unit (V4) Orynoco Pods


How can I help?

Since 2015, my aim has always been to help and empower clients to overcome their most challenging obstacles and start living happier, healthier and more fulfilling lifestyles.  My extensive experience means that I'm fully equipped to guide,

support and assist you in living the life you clearly deserve and I aim to show you how to create a life balance that prioritises your well-being and celebrates all aspects of your true self.

I offer a safe place to come and enjoy some quiet time away from daily life to restore, replenish and rejuvenate

Mind, Body & Soul.  My approach is personalised, gentle and holistic, combining ancient techniques with modern practices and new innovative technology to provide a unique experience that nurtures the Body, Mind and Soul.  

Feel free to explore my website and get in touch if you have any questions or would like to book a session

ITEC Level 3 Dioloma Anatomy, Physiology & Body Massage   
ITEC Level 3 Diploma Indian Head Massage 

ITEC Level 3 Diploma Reflexology
VTCT Level 3 Reflexology
VTCT Level 3 Aromatherapy
AET Level 3 Teacher Training

Continual Professional Development
Access Consciousness™
Hot Stone Reflexology  
Hot Stone Body Massage
Precision Reflexology
Advanced Precision Reflexology
Moxibustion for Reflexology
Traditional Chinese Medicine - Pregnancy Reflexology
Holistic Facial Diploma
Holistic Nutrition Diploma
Natural Lift Facial Massage Bamboo

Body Massage
Meditation Tuition
Crystal Healing

Bach Flower Remedy Diploma
Akashic Records Diploma
Shamanic Practitioner
Archangel PractitionerDiploma
Tarot Diploma

SCHH Hypnosis & Past Life Regression
Spiritual Counselling Diploma
Akashic Record & Quantum Bio Spiritual Healing Facilita

Sound Journey Practitioner

Personal Growth
Usui Practitioner
Tera-Mai/Seichem Practitioner

Holy Fire Master Teacher
Angelic Reiki Master Teacher
Sekhem Practitioner
Wholeness Support Unit V4 Orynoco Pods

Munay Ki Rites
nay Ki - The 13th Rite of The Womb
Reconnective Healing & The Reconnection
Akashic Record Healing
Creative Kinesiology - Life Tracker at Foundation Level

Zero Balancing Level 1 

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